Who am I ?

I am a French engineer from Mines DOUAI and a Ph.D. from the EPFL. I am currently working at the HUG on training for surgery in Virtual Reality. I like designing items from constraints to a hardware solution embedding electronics, software, networks, and servers to end up with a connected system that communicates with its environment. Aside from crafting things or doing construction work, I like doing sports like hiking in the mountains, biking, climbing, or dancing. More recently, I started photography, and you can check out some of my photographs on Flickr here!


PhD Student

2019 - 2023

I worked on Finger-Level Hand Control and Polymorphic Embodiment within the IIG at EPFL lead by Dr. BOULIC Ronan.

Engineer from Mines DOUAI - Master

2015 - 2018
Mines DOUAI - Douai, France

I majored in Computer Science at Mines DOUAI

Classes Préparatoires aux Grandes Ecoles - License

2012 - 2015
Lycée Claude Bernard - Paris, France

Mathematics Physics branch


Research Engineer

2023 - Current
HUG - Hôpitaux de Genève - Geneva, Switzerland

I am doing research on the impact of Virtual Reality on surgery training.

Teacher Assistant

2019 - 2023
EPFL - Lausanne, Switzerland

As a Ph.D. student, I assisted Dr. BOULIC Ronan for Virtual Reality and C++ programming courses with hands-on support or automated evaluation tools.

Master project supervision

2019 - 2023
EPFL - Lausanne, Switzerland

As a PhD student I supervised semester projects

Internship as a PhD Student

10/2018 - 11/2018
ENSTA Bretagne - Brest, France

During one month I had the chance to work with Pr. LAGADEC Loïc, to learn and work with FPGAs overlays at ENSTA Bretagne.

Infrastructure and electronic designer

2017-04 - 2017-08

Design of a system allowing a windmill to send data to a sever Design of an electronic board providing a simple feedback control over a brake system Technologies used :

  • Raspberry Pi
  • PHP, Python
  • Electronics
  • UART, I2C

Application designer

2016-04 - 2016-07

Design of an application providing support for printers Technologies used :

  • C# with the .NET framework
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Microsoft AD

GreenFit project

2015-09 - 2016-04

Design of a connected machine able to recover energy produced by sportsman

Main tasks :

  • Technological research
  • Electronic design
  • Design and machining mechanical parts
  • Design and 3D printing of parts
  • Edition of a video for a pitch
  • Material management and installation during expositions

Exhibitions :

  • Paris BodyFitness Exhibition, 2016
  • Startup Day, PSB (Paris School of Business), 2016
  • National competition of Enactus France, 2016


Lauz'Hack 2019 - Contest Winner For Bobst Challenge

Lauzhack - Lausanne, Switzerland

Hackaton organized in different challenges to solve in 24h proposed by other companies. The prize was won by implementing an innovative way to control a Bobst fictive production line using finger tracking (Leap Motion) combined with Eye tracking (Tobii).

IC - Teacher Assistant Award

EPFL - Lausanne, Switzerland

Prize won for my involvement in the ICC Course, with the implementation of an online autograder website allowing students to submit their projects and get live feedback on their grades, and in the VR course for which I wrote the practical part with hands-on available here Prize won for my involvment in the ICC Course, with the implementation of an online autograder website allowing students to submit their projects and get a live feedback on their grade, and in the VR course for which I wrote the practical part with hands-on avaliable here: hands-on support.

First Prize Photo Contest

Club Photo EPFL / RESCO - Lausanne, Switzerland

Frist Prize won a collection of four pictures from EPFL’s cafetarias


Mathias Delahaye, Olaf Blanke, Ronan Boulic, Bruno Herbelin
Dario Pavllo, Mathias Delahaye, Thibault Porssut, Bruno Herbelin, Ronan Boulic
Computers & Graphics : X
Neal Hartman - Mathias Delahaye, Hugo Decroix, Bruno Herbelin, Ronan Boulic
MIG '20: Motion, Interaction and Games
Loën Boban, Mathias Delahaye, Ronan Boulic

Some of my projects

Home Server - 2016 - Today
Installation, setup and management of my own servers hosting data, tools, websites, databases, etc.
Personal traking board for a car - 2017 - Today
PCB design, soldering, programming and final installation of homemade board in my car. This board handles illuminations, sound, remote control and tracks the car
Website design - 2017
Design several websites from scratch for small offices, family, projects, etc.
Medical consultation software - 2018
Design of an user friendly application managing consultations history


Programming languages

  • C
  • Ruby
  • SmallTalk
  • Python
  • C#
  • Java
  • PHP
  • JS
  • ...

Web technologies

  • HTML5, CSS
  • jQuery, jQuery mobile
  • Ajax, JSON
  • WebSockets
  • Selenium
  • Jekyll

Server technologies

  • Linux, OpenBSD
  • Hypervisor (lib-virtd, ESXi, Citrix)
  • Network
    (pfSense, bind, openvpn, iptables, ...)
  • Web-servers
    (nginx, tomcat, ...)
  • Databases
    (PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Oracle MySQL, ...)
  • Continuous integration
    (Gitlab, Jenkins)
  • Infrastructure as code
  • Web certificates
    (Openssl, Let's encrypt)
  • Security testing
    (Metasploit framework, Root-me challenges, ...)

Main targets devices

  • Desktop
  • Micro-controller
  • Android
  • Web browsers
  • Unity3D (multi-plateform)


  • PCB design (KiCAD)
  • CAD (OpenSCAD, Solidworks)
  • SMD soldering (Iron, Hot air station)
  • Micro-controllers registers
    (PIC32MZ, atMega)
  • Machining (manual, G-Code for CNC)


  • Driver's license
  • Electricity
  • Stick welding
  • Plumbing
  • Painting
  • ...